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Migration of Sponsored Projects onto the ReMIS and GAMS

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Migration of Sponsored Projects onto the ReMIS and GAMS

The Office of Grants and Research wishes to bring to the notice of all Researchers/Principal Investigators (PIs)/Project Coordinators, the complete migration of all sponsored projects/grants in the University onto the Research Management Information System (ReMIS) and Grants Accounting Management System (GAMS) platforms by March 2, 2020.

ReMIS is a web-based database system designed to capture research and grant-related information in KNUST.


  • It enables KNUST to track its successes regarding how many proposals get approved on a yearly basis.
  • It helps to present a university-wide view of all donor/externally funded projects of KNUST.

GAMS is an accounting software developed to facilitate the automation of grant accounting and reporting at KNUST.

  • This system operates in tandem with the ReMIS in a way that only captured projects on the ReMIS can be accessed on the GAMS to attach their corresponding approval budgets.
  • When the budgets get uploaded, payments request could then be committed against budget lines.
  • GAMS has also been integrated into the University accounting system to complete the accounting process.

All Principal Investigators/Project Coordinators are to submit their project budgets and other relevant information to their College Accountants by February 29, 2020.