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"Thought without practice is empty..." - Prof. Francis Boakye

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"Thought without practice is empty..." - Prof. Francis Boakye

 Thought without practice is empty and action without thought is blind” – Professor Francis Boakye 

Professor Francis Boakye, a Professor in Physics has bemoaned the practice whereby academicians’ accumulation of knowledge is not put into research because of lack of funds. He expressed concern about the fact that some academicians’ effort to do research is thwarted because they lack the financial capacity to do so.  He added that, people are anxiously waiting on academicians to come out with practical solutions to address societal problems. This can however be achieved through the conduct of research.  He observed that KNUST’s mission to reposition itself as a research driven institution will be a mirage if it does not invest more in equipment and human resource needed to conduct ground breaking research to solve societal needs. He also opined that KNUST’s research prospects are bright and needs to be supported with grants.  He lauded the establishment of the Office of Grants and Research to support research in KNUST and said that the Office should be strengthened to deliver on its mandate.

In an interview with the Office of Grants and Research Professor Boakye revealed his research interest in condensed matter physics and other impressive range of categories. Most of his papers provide interesting contributions in the body of observations associated with cryogenics, cryo-engineeing and cryo-electronics. Some of his works have been cited and carry extremely high citations and have been added to the Astrophysics Data System of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States Government.  He also has most of his works published in very prestigious international journals such as Thin Solid Films, Solid State communications, Cryogenics, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Prof. Boakye had his secondary education in Opoku Ware School and Prempeh College followed by BSc. Physics, MSc. Physics and Ph.D (Solid State Physics) all from KNUST.  He has served in various capacities in the Department of Physics. He spearheaded the postgraduate diploma programme in optometry which later became a degree programme and now Doctor of Optometry programme in this University.

He is one of the international experts affiliated with the Swedish Academy of Science. He received the award of Distinguished Professor in Solid State Physics (Research and Development) in a special congregation in 2011 when the University celebrated its 60thanniversary.

He has over forty publications and over twenty conference papers to his credit.