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Universities Denmark partners with KNUST

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Universities Denmark partners with KNUST

Universities Denmark partners with KNUST

Universities Denmark is partnering with KNUST on the “Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries” initiative. The thematic platforms on this BSU initiative in which KNUST is participating are:

  • Environment and Climate
  • Growth and Employment
  • Human Health

The long-term goal of the initiative is to make the participating institutions stronger in the sense that they:

  • play an increasing role in the economic, social and political development of the societies in which they are located;
  • function as nodes of innovation and knowledge production, providing solutions to local/domestic and global challenges;
  • produce skilled and motivated graduates that can contribute to the further development of the societies and address the challenges faced.

The activities under these projects include post graduate training, e-learning , research training, proposal writing training and research dissemination.The various platforms are hosted by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Health Sciences and the International Programmes Office.

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