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Combines grant capital with expert-led venture-building support, to support Assistive Technology innovators launch and scale solutions in Africa.

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The AT Impact Fund (ATIF) enables innovative technology solutions to better reach people with disabilities in Africa, by supporting AT ventures with up to £200K in grant capital, to test business models that can enable AT innovators to scale. Selected ventures receive 6+ months of tailored venture building support, expert coaching, brokering of partners and connections to investors to help them scale and access to a network of disability pioneers. Our programme runs for 18 months, starting September 2020, with each company having our support over a 6 to 12 month window within this period.

What the fund will achieve

The AT Impact Fund aims to increase each grantee’s chance of long term sustainable success, by supporting them each on a path to scale, and overcoming known barriers to scale within the AT sector.

You will be eligible for AT Impact Fund support, if you:

  • are an entrepreneur committed to bringing AT innovations (e.g. hearing assessment and hearing aid devices, eye testing and eyeglasses, prosthetics solutions and innovative means of their production, mobility solutions etc.) to people with disabilities in Africa
  • are looking to scale your AT innovation in an African market(s)
  • have some evidence of business model traction in an African market or if you:
  • are an entrepreneur growing a distribution, financing or innovative manufacturing venture that could play a role getting AT to the populations in Africa
Assistive Technology Impact Fund