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About Us

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The Office of Grants & Research (OGR) exists to serve as a centralized university office for externally funded research. ogr

The Office is to provide research and grant administration support services to sponsored research activities in KNUST.

The OGR will work with existing or recruited research administrative staff in all the Colleges to coordinate the university's research training opportunities.

The Office has overall responsibility to recruit, retain, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the activities of researchers and garner important research infrastructure and funding for the entire university. OGR seeks to support faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to seek, secure, and manage extramural funding in the most accurate and efficient manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Centre of Excellence for research support services facilitating a stimulated, well supported, accountable and expanded research enterprise at KNUST and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the needed infrastructure and training to ensure the widespread availability of support and expertise in research administration and management.

To achieve this, we seek to:

  • Build research management expertise of staff
  • Establish and standardize processes and practices in research administration
  • Address the needs of researchers throughout the research process
  • Provide the necessary training for researchers
  • Assist in obtaining the necessary resources for research
  • Facilitate valuable partnerships that will enhance the institution’s research agenda
  • Ensure protection of the university’s interests
  • Ensure accountability to external funding sources


Our Values




  •   We meet our clients’ expectations to the highest standards.

Good Stewardship

  • We plan and manage resources effectively to achieve set goals.


  • We adhere to moral and ethical principles in the discharge of our duties.