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VIA Water Fund closing: Final Call for Proposals

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Source: OGR

Final call for proposals – deadline April 10th!

The VIA Water fund is closing, and we are issuing a final call for proposals. Full proposals can be submitted until April 10th. Please help us spread the word!

VIA Water started working in 2014/15, with the first projects up and running in the second half of 2015. Since the programme has been set up with a limited time frame- and budget, an original goal was set to have 90 projects running in total. Due to the fact that most projects require more funding than the average 100.000 we anticipated, our budget in fact allows for only 60 projects.

These 60 projects we expect to reach halfway through 2017. Additionally, the funding for support work from the programme office and fund managers is also set to end at the latest by the end of 2018. With most projects running for about 1,5-2 years, this means the final projects can start in the summer of 2017.

Considering the above, and taking into account the time needed before a contract can be finalised and a project can start working, we are issuing a final call for proposals.

Full proposals can be submitted until April 10th. In order for your full proposal to be submitted by April 10th, we advise you to send us your project idea in the form of a teaser at the latest by February 6th. You can email your teaser to It is not obligatory to send in a teaser before sending in your final proposal: it will however greatly increase your chances since we will be able to send you feedback on your teaser before you start drafting your final proposal.

All information and requirements for your teaser and the full proposal can be found in the Roadmap to VIA Water Support.

Some things to keep in mind when you start writing

  • The teaser can be more than 2 pages
  • Hand in your teaser and the full proposal as complete as possible
  • Keep the full proposal short however: max 25 pages for the main body + annexes
  • Make sure that your partnerships have been committed and add proof of this
  • Keep your submission smaller than 7MB
  • The budget needs to be in excel and in Euro
  • Add a logical framework/theory of change, a time plan, a clear commitment for co-funding and a learning agenda
  • Don’t forget to take a look at our online toolbox for proposal writing before you start – it will give you some great tips!

Dates to remember



February 6th 2017

Deadline teaser (not obligatory)

April 10th 2017

Deadline full proposal

Summer 2017

Projects to start running at the latest

End of 2018

All projects to be finished

Please note: this is the final VIA Water call; no funding will be given out to proposals submitted after April 10th! Due to the higher influx of teasers and proposals we are expecting the coming months, we might take longer to respond. Keep this in mind when making a time plan for your proposals, and bear with us.

Contact us for more information at Your teaser can be sent to Good luck, and help us spread the word!