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Sample Grant Applications

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Sample Applications and Summary Statements
A selection of several exceptional applications by some investigators has been gathered here. “We are truly indebted to the investigators listed below, who have enabled us to deliver this widely anticipated resource to the research community.”

These applications, selected as sound examples of good grantsmanship, have been highlighted with annotations. NB: The text of these applications is copyrighted. You may use it only for nonprofit educational purposes provided the document remains unchanged and the PI, the grantee organization, and NIAID are credited.
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Sample Data Sharing Plan
This is an actual plan from a PI with [brackets] in place of identifying information. Use it to guide your writing and make sure you hit NIH's Key Elements to Consider in Preparing a Data Sharing Plan Under NIH Extramural Support. Related Extramural SOP: Data Sharing for Grants: Final Research Data SOP.
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Annotated SF 424 Grant Application Forms
This contains resources on applying electronically; with information on common errors to avoid, annotated Forms, tips on targeted tip sheets and resources for specific audiences, quick references, slide presentations on a variety of topics, validations and additional resources.
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Examples of Project Leadership Plans for Multiple PI Grant Applications
This guide gives examples of Project Leadership Plans for Multiple PI Grant Applications. Leadership Plans should address administrative processes and PI responsibilities  such as Roles/areas of responsibility of the PIs, Fiscal and management coordination, Process for making decisions on scientific direction and allocation of resources, Data sharing and communication among investigators, Publication and intellectual property (if needed) policies, Procedures for resolving conflicts. It also provides examples of single project leadership plans, discussing a change in PI location, conflict resolution and intellectual property.
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Biographical Sketch Sample
This resource provides a sample Biographical Sketch information for the Senior/key personnel and other significant contributors. It provides a good format to follow when filling for each personnel.
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Fellowship Application Biographical Sketch Sample
This resource serves as a guide to completing a Fellowship Applicant Biographical Sketch Form. It provides a SAMPLE form to give a clearer understanding when filling your form.
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Modular Budget Sample: Same Modules
This resources provides a guide to filling a PHS 398 Modular Budget form with a sample.
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Subaward Agreement Forms
This link provides the FDP sub-award agreement form may be used by any institution. Included are sample attachments for reference. There is no longer a separate form for use with non-FDP institutions. Federal agencies were represented on the FDP which approved the use of the forms and federal participants in the FDP were a part of the Task Force that created and tested the forms. However, the FDP makes no representation or warrantees regarding the suitability of these forms for use on any federal or non-federal sponsored projects. All users utilize these forms at their own risk.
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Note: Source: NIAID NIH